2020 Family Week Registration/Deposit

07/19/2020 - 07/25/2020


Family Week 2020

Please note: Total cost for the week is $200 per volunteer (13 & over) or $150.00 per volunteer (Under 13). This fee includes food and lodging. The $50.00 deposit, which you have already paid, counted toward the total participation fee, and the remaining money per volunteer is due April 1. The priority registration deadline is February 1, 2020. This price is subject to change for Family Week 2021 and beyond. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!



For Family Week, full payments must be received by April 1. If payment is not received by that date, Nazareth Farm will notify you and will fill the spot with another group. If no new volunteer group is found to fill those volunteer spots, the original group will be responsible for full payment by April 1. If an entire group must cancel, and Nazareth Farm can not fill the spot, your payment will NOT be refunded. Payment will only be refunded after those deadlines if the spots are filled. If groups show up with fewer volunteers than reserved and paid for, the amount will NOT be refunded unless the group called ahead and Nazareth Farm was able to replace the spots. If Nazareth Farm can fill the spot, you will be refunded for every person we replace. The deposit of $50 per person is non-refundable unless your group is not selected in the lottery system.


If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact

Max Donnelly at vcoordinator@nazarethfarm.org or 304-782-2742.